So Many Choices, So Many Solutions!

Plantation Shutters come in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, and shapes; we'd be happy to assist you in making the perfect choices to not only make your home spaced more enjoyable through light control, but also add more value to your home.

Shutter Style:  The FOUR Basic Styles...

Shutters come in a variety of styles.  Some of the options you'll first want to consider is the style of shutter you prefer.  Cafe Style Shutters, Full Height Shutters, Specialty Shape Shutters, and Tier on Tier Shutters are the styles you'll need to determine that best suits your window covering needs.  As a Norman Shutters Dealer, the options we have are virtually limitless.  From hidden louvers to motorization, we can can offer so many solutions to your carefully appointed home. We realize that every window opening is unique, so we'll help you find that perfect solution whether directly or in collaboration with your interior designer!
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Full Height Shutters

Double-Hung / Tier on Tier Shutters

Interior Full Height Shutters were inspired by the plantation style shutters in the southern states that have been commonly seen on the exteriors of older plantation style homes, full height shutters are very similar but on the interior. They are characterized by wide, wooden horizontal slats which can be closed either up or down, diverting the bright sunshine from the inside of the home. These shutters come in panels in order to control the amount of light that comes through in a more precise manner. Each panel can even be divided in half so you can have light coming from the top and not the bottom or vice versa. This is the perfect way to distribute sunshine in your home to your wants and needs!
Double-Hung, or sometimes called Tier on Tier Shutters, are designed so they cover the whole window but there are independent panels top and bottom, opening like a stable door. This allows for control over each half of the structure separately to make the most of light, the view or provide you with privacy. This allows the top tier of panels to swing open independently from the bottom set, thus allowing the choice of either total privacy or of full light to enter through the top window, leaving the bottom section closed if necessary. Our shutters come in a variety of material and finishes, please get in touch with our experienced team today to discuss all of your options.
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Cafe Style Shutters

Specialy Shape Shutters

Ideal for ground level windows and town houses, cafe style shutters leave the top of the window un-shuttered, using only shutters for the bottom part. They are typically used on tall windows that stretch to the majority of the walls length. These are fabulous in a kitchen and dine-in area of your home. A great advantage of this style is that it maximizes light whilst providing privacy.
Our custom-made special shape shutters are designed to fit perfectly into any window shape and can be a practical and stylish solution for even the most difficult windows. There is a vast variety of shapes to choose from but this option is dependent on the material you choose as well as the window shape. Some options to also consider is if you prefer for them to have fixed or operational louvers. While special considerations have to be made, special shape windows aren't as hard to add shutters to as you'd think!
Which Shutter is RIGHT for YOU?

There Is a Shutter for Every Space...
AND in Every Space a Shutter!

Woodlore Shutters - Woodlore is made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) finished with a tough coating of polypropylene which will not warp, is stain resistant, easy to clean and has a durable finish.

Woodlore Plus Shutters - Woodlore Plus Shutters are designed to offer the highest performance at a reasonable price providing an enduring, distinctive accent to any home.  Woodlore Plus Shutters offers the custom fit, color palette and designer frame options you would expect from a leading manufacturer. Our patented engineered material and UV inhibiting finish ensure every Woodlore Plus Shutter will beautiful for years to come.
The Woodlore Plus Collection has the same quality features of the standard Woodlore Collection with these exciting upgrades:
  • Panels available up to 36" wide for larger windows and enhanced view.
  • ABS co-polymer dimensionally stable louvers with hardened coating that resist scratches.
  • Available in all painted Sussex and standard Woodlore colors.
  • Available in all specialty shapes.
Normandy - Normandy is made of select hardwood for the customer who prefers a lower cost wood shutter. Normandy is available in both painted and stained finishes using a 4-coat process, the same as Sussex Norman Teak. Specialty options and PerfectTilt motorization are available.

Sussex Norman Teak ™ - Sussex is made of select, premium hardwood grown in Norman managed forests. Paint and stain finishes are available with a multi-coat process, hand sanded between each coat. The process includes a primer coat, multi coats of lacquer paint/stain , and a clear coat finish with UV inhibitors. With custom colors, specialty options, multiple louver sizes, wide panel widths and PerfectTilt motorization, Sussex is an excellent solution for your most challenging window covering projects.

To ensure your total satisfaction, all Norman Shutters come with a lifetime limited warranty on material and workmanship.

Beautiful Shutters, attractively priced!

What Makes Norman Shutters GREAT?
With more than 30 years of manufacturing excellence, Norman employs the same time-honored, woodworking techniques used by artisans of exceptional home furnishings. Rest assured that all Norman shutters are made of only the finest materials and handcrafted especially for you.
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Reinforced Engineered Stiles

Multiple layers of wood are bonded together to bolster the stability of the core of the stile – making for a robust and hearty support system for your shutters.
Quarter-Sawn Wood

Craftsmen have recognized that quarter-sawn wood results in a superior shutter with remarkable strength and stability. These boards are highly prized and well worth the effort and time it takes to produce them.
Prescription Wood Conditioning

Our trademarked wood drying technique dries the wood to emulate the environmental conditions of the location where the shutter will be installed. This practice also reduces post- installation shrinking and swelling.
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InvisibleTilt™- Next Generation Louver Tilting Mechanism​​

Function, performance, style. InvisibleTilt™, a breakthrough louver tilting mechanism, is engineered to enhance your shutter ownership experience. Unobstructed view, streamlined appearance, tight and even louver closure, no protruding moving parts – with InvisibleTilt™ from Norman, louver tilting mechanism just evolved.
Reinforced Engineered Stiles

Traditionally used in demanding furniture and building construction, mortise and tenon joints are designed to withstand the shear stress and racking forces applied when operating a shutter.  This method of jointery is far superior to that of lesser quality shutters where wooden dowels are often used as a substitute to cut costs.
Patented Polypropylene Coating

Superior to traditional paints, our patented Polypropylene coating makes shutter surface extremely durable and robust, resistant to cracking or chipping over time.  This is usually applied using multiple coats of finish opposed to many competitors use of a single-pass method of painting shutters; Our coating provides many years of enjoyment!
Learn more about the Norman Difference...
What Makes Norman Shutters the Perfect Choice...

Please be sure to check out these videos for an even greater appreciation for the difference that the Norman Shutter Program offers.  Having your shutters manufactured based on your regional location is a HUGE consideration to make, especially in the Southeastern United Sates.  We want you to love your shutters for a lifetime and this is why we've partnered with Norman Shutters, to do exactly that.  Enjoy!